Little Guppy is an early childhood development program integrated with the convenience of day care. Our Little Guppy Family is comprised of three facets: the children, their families, and the teachers/staff. Our program values each of these facets equally and is devoted to their development. We also recognize and value our role in the community.


Little Guppy’s child development program focuses on developing each child in each area of development, at their individual pace. Our environment provides excellent opportunities for exploration and development in an at home atmosphere. We use the High Scope approach to plan our curriculum, assessment, and environment. High Scope is an approach based on the constructivist theory of education. Constructivism encourages mutual respect between children, teachers, and parents. Children are provided with many opportunities from which they may choose to explore in a hands on, minds on manner. Teachers document each child’s progress through portfolios, daily reports, anecdotal records, and other assessments. You will be well informed of your child’s progress in each facet of our program.


We are committed to meeting the needs of the families of the children who attend our center. We believe that parents are a child’s first and most influential teachers and by supporting and educating them, we will have improved the life of the child.


We are committed to our teachers and staff. We strive to meet their needs as individuals as well as develop them as teachers. We believe that providing a supportive and professional environment will enable teachers to be happy and productive. This will ensure their longevity and provide your child with stable and loving relationships. An integral part of supporting our teachers and staff is providing them with above average salaries and benefits. Therefore, we must be committed to maintaining a financially strong program.


We are committed to bettering our community and teaching children the importance of community involvement. Further, it is our goal to raise awareness of the importance of positive early childhood experiences.