Welcome, Starfish, Pufferfish, and Goldfish!

In this classroom, children are all working on the same schedule, eating school lunch, sleeping on cots and drinking from sippy cups. Having a set schedule, the teachers are able to provide blocks of activity time for active and cognitive learning. It is a year of busy learning everything from social skills to animal sounds to sign language and stable gross motor movements. At this age children begin to acquire a desire for independence. The teachers in the toddler program will provide a balance of activities geared toward independent choices and those which involve whole-class groupings. Our toddler program focuses on developing these new skills while fostering the childs need to do for themselves.

The toddler daily schedule also includes a lot of physical exercise to increase their large motor skills. This includes our weekly yoga class which begins at this age and continues through prekindergarten. In addition, children are introduced to smaller manipulatives to increase their fine motor skills. Through verbal, written and sign language, there is also an additional emphasis on language development preparing your child for the next stage. You will receive information regarding your child through daily sheets, daily class notes posted in the class, password-protected website class page, face-to-face communication with your childs teacher, student portfolios, family conferences and other assessments.

Little Guppy St. Charles Classrooms: Starfish & Pufferfish

Little Guppy O’Fallon Classroom: Pufferfish, Goldfish & Jellyfish