Little Guppy Parent since Oct. 2009

Other than in my arms, there is no place we trust to care for our child more than Little Guppy.

Parents of a child who has been at Guppy for 3 years

Ms. Yvette is an extremely professional and gifted teacher. She is very concerned with each child’s development and learning. She and Ms. Amber are prepared, organized, and actually care about what they do and the children they are taking care of. It is easy to see that teaching is Ms. Yvette’s calling. She is a gem!

We are so impressed and beyond happy with the entire Seaturtle staff and classroom experience. My child is so excited to show us at pick-up all that she has done that day and tells wonderful stories at night. My child’s portfolio is wonderful and we are pleased with the curriculum of the class. We also love that art is occasionally sent home and that we’re so informed. And we actually get to see pictures! The room is orderly, but still fun, and my child is learning. Thank you!

Sean and Lauren C.

Our son seems to be flourishing at Little Guppy. His teachers have been the model of the balance between professionalism and caring, and we could not be happier with their performance!
Our son always seems happy and well cared for when we pick him up at the end of the day, and this provides us peace of mind while at work. Thank you so much for the quality care you provide our son!

Carrie Z. and Susan S.

Our 4 year old twins have been attending Guppy since they were 5 months old.  The curriculum is excellent.  My children were painting, having sensory experiences, learning sign language, and doing yoga from their first day on in the infant room!  Their curriculum now includes Spanish and music classes in addition to the developmentally appropriate curriculum for their age.  Parent-teacher communication has always been excellent through face to face interactions, emails, photos, and daily progress sheets.  Many “extras” offer conveniences for busy parents like dance class during the day, haircuts at the center, and pizza pick-ups on some Fridays.  My friends cannot believe all that Little Guppy offers!
We’re also thrilled with the Little Guppy Food pledge.  Little Guppy has extremely high standards for nutrition offering hormone and antibiotic free milk and meats, 100% fruit juices, and 100% whole wheat breads in addition to a ban on high fructose corn syrup.  In an era of rising obesity rates and millions of junk food options, it’s extremely reassuring to know that our kids are always offered high quality and nutritious foods!

The Burt Family

Over the last three years, the teachers not only have been great at helping our children grow and develop academically and socially, but have shown that they truly love our kids and family as a whole. Little Guppy is more than just a day care we take our kids to each day, but rather a place where our family has been able to draw on the love ad support they have willingly given us during some very tough and emotional times that we have been through the last couple of years. The wonderful people that make up Little Guppy are to us, family!

Lynn N.

We have been a part of Little Guppy family for 12 years between the two of my daughters. Our whole experience has been very positive. To describe the environment at Little Guppy I would use the words: friendly, academic, structured, dedicated, and safe. We feel that our daughters have been given the opportunity to experience that learning is fun at any age.