The High Scope Approach to Play-based Learning

Building knowledge through hands-on, open-ended activities is engaging, not to mention fun. At Little Guppy, we use the High/Scope Approach to early learning. Our qualified professional educators use a set of key experiences, children’s assessments and children’s interests to create their weekly lesson plans. The key experiences are a set of steps that children typically go through during early childhood development. We document your child’s progress in a portfolio; watching that they are meeting their goals. There are key experiences in each area of learning including social relations, math, science, language and music ensuring every child goes to kindergarten prepared by the Missouri Preschool Standards and ready for new learning. In an open-ended setting, children are encouraged to use their creativity and learn through play. Twice each year, the teachers will set aside time for family conferences to discuss one-on-one your child’s development and future goals.

Curriculum Enrichment Includes:

  • Yoga Kids & Radiant Child
  • American Sign Language
  • Spanish
  • Music