Little Guppy Child Development Centers offer the highest quality early childhood education. With yoga, Spanish, music, sign language, an indoor playground/outdoor learning environment and laptops and cameras in every classroom, you are bound to fall in love with our facility and program. Providing excellence in education is no minor task. It takes patience, experience and dedication. We support the learning process in children and adults and value educational accomplishments. Whether you are a Missouri Certified Teacher or a student considering a career in education, we have a position to meet your needs and encourage growth of your teaching skills.

  • Primary Educators (Full – Time, Certified Teachers preferred) Our Primary Educators are responsible for every aspect of our early childhood classrooms. Each of them possess the skills to write and implement age-appropriate lesson plans, document and follow each child’s development in portfolios, and communicate through daily interactions, email and family conferences. Great communication skills are a must. In addition to classwork, the Primary Educators supervise the Secondary and Assistant Educators to create a healthy, clean and happy learning environment.
  • Secondary Educators (Full – Time) Our Secondary Educators work alongside the Primary Educators each morning; assisting with the lesson plans, implementation, communication and portfolios. These are the brain-storming helpers to our Primary Educators. The two work as a team during the school day to create the most educational classrooms.
  • Assistant Educators (Part – Time) The Assistant Educator is responsible for the classroom operations every afternoon. From passing communication of the morning to the parents who pick up to keeping the classroom clean and healthy, these teachers are essential to our program. An Assistant begins the afternoon by allowing the children to quietly wake and feeding them afternoon snack and then proceeds to follow an afternoon lesson plan designed and written by the Assistant. You decide whether to paint or practice yoga; to build with blocks or pretend to be astronauts.