An emergency plan has been developed for each Little Guppy Child Development Center to assist in protecting the health an safety of the children in its care should disaster or emergency, be it natural or deliberate, affect the facility, operations or its community.

The safety of the children and staff is the primary goal of Little Guppy Child Development Center.

Every possible precaution will be taken to protect the safety of all students, employees, visitors and others present on Little Guppy CDC property or at school sponsored events.

The practice of safety also will be considered an integral part of the instructional program through fire prevention, emergency procedures, drills and driver education.

General areas of emphasis in the safety program will include, but not limited to: in-service training, school inspection, fire prevention, accident record keeping, driver and vehicle safety programs, emergency procedures and drills and other safety problems relevant to students, employees and the community.

The emergency plan can be found in each classroom.