Welcome, Angelfish & Starfish

In between care and cuddling, our teachers work on tummy time, motor skills, and sensory experiences. Every day, we are busy reading books and singing songs. Our youngest students are stimulated with a variety of music including children’s and classical music and are also introduced to sign language as early as six months. For sensory exploration, many objects and toys are rotated to experience new senses and promote brain development. You will receive information regarding your child through daily sheets, daily class notes posted in the class, password-protected website class page, face-to-face communication with your child’s teacher, student portfolios, family conferences and other assessments.

Because every baby is unique, we follow feeding and napping schedules set by you. We also support cloth diapers, homemade infant foods and breast milk giving you the freedom to make these choices for your baby in our care. When your child begins eating table foods, you may choose the foods off our menu that you would like him/her to try. We pride ourselves on adhering to our Food Pledge providing healthy meals and snacks with whole grains and without high fructose corn syrup.

For the health and safety of the children, families are asked to remove shoes before entering our youngest infant classrooms. In addition, the children have an individual crib and spaces to store all of their belongings separate from others. As always, our front door access is limited to Little Guppy staff and participants protected by a locked keypad front door, biometric check in system, and a doorbell and friendly front office staff to check official ID for any guests without access.

Little Guppy St.Charles Classroom: Angelfish

Little Guppy O’Fallon Classrooms: Angelfish & Starfish