Welcome, Whales, Sharks, & Seahorses

At 3 years old, the Whales are working every day on early literacy, early math, science and creative play. Structured activity times give children a balanced, play-based approached to their learning. Books, music, blocks, dramatic play and outdoor exploration are all prevalent in the lesson plans. These children are busy making lasting educational connections that will prepare them for the Sharks and Seahorses.

Our Sharks classroom, 4 year olds, becomes very academic with structured activity times and group learning. These children are preparing for either the Seahorse classroom or Kindergarten depending on their birth dates. The Primary Educators are aware of the goals to reach for both of these destinations. Lesson plans will have many repetitive ideas within a theme to reinforce concepts through different learning styles. Children may explore space this week and build a grocery store in the dramatic play center next week.

The Seahorse classroom, older 4 and 5-year-olds, looks, feels and runs like a kindergarten classroom with prekindergarten concepts. The children will learn to sit in a group, follow typical Kindergarten classroom procedures, work together and independently, and exceed the basic requirements for kindergarten screenings. Our Seahorse educators use the Missouri kindergarten standards as a reference and build their lesson plans with those goals in mind. Most of our Seahorse graduates are displaying strong literacy and mathematical skills, speaking some Spanish, and using American Sign Language as they head into Kindergarten.

As with all of our programs, you will receive information regarding your child through daily class notes posted in the class, frequent communication with your childs teacher, student portfolios, family conferences and other assessments.

Little Guppy St. Charles and O’Fallon Classrooms: Whales, Sharks and Seahorses