Welcome, Dolphins & Seaturtles!

The Two-Year-Old program is one in which the children continue to experience play-based learning in a very structure environment. They enjoy “hands on” activities which include, but are not limited to, sorting and counting activities, music and movement, various art and sensory experiences and many opportunities to explore literature, both with the teachers and independently. By reading and speaking with the children throughout the day, the children will continue to build language and factual learning skills needed for a successful transition into the preschool program. Our program provides weekly Spanish lessons beginning in the two-year-old room, which continues through the prekindergarten experience. Additionally, the Dolphins and Seaturtles enjoy a bigger, age-appropriate playground used only by the two-year-old classrooms.

Toilet learning is a big kid step in your childs life and toilet learning at our center begins in our two-year-old classrooms. The educators in these classrooms have used several methods to train children and will help your child to succeed in their journey. You may choose the method you would like to use to toilet train and we will keep it consistent at school.

You will receive information regarding your child through daily sheets, daily class notes posted in the class, password-protected website class page, face-to-face communication with your childs teacher, student portfolios, family conferences and other assessments.

Little Guppy St. Charles and O’Fallon Classrooms: Dolphins and Seaturtles